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Will. There. Be. Beer.

This is a socially responsible, community type event and we do not encoura-


Yes. There will be beer.


As well as a proper bar area, you will also find several craft beer brewers who will no doubt have some wares to sample.


However let's be real. This is not the sort of event to come along to and slouch yourself over a bar leaner while you get sloshed. Please drink responsibly and enjoy what the rest of the expo has to offer! Drunkenness will not be tolerated and intoxicated persons will be escorted off the premises at the Organiser's discretion. Insert smiley face.

How do I get my business showcased?

To apply for a site, simply email us as for an application form. Sweet.

My girlfriend/wife/flatmate/sister really wants to come. Can she?

Of course! Whilst she won't find any make-up artists or craft stalls there, she is most welcome to come along as well. If you are wanting her to, that is...

I am taking my best mate. What about my other best mate?

If your best mate is furry and has four legs, then sadly no - dogs are not allowed at The NZ Man Expo.

So, will there be any competitive stuff?

For sure! We are working on finalising the events and competitions for the day but expect some sort of chilli eating contest, tug-o-war, speed building comp, that sort of thing. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch!

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